Sabtu, 27 Februari 2010

cool tribal tattoo designs


Anyone knows why Choose tribal tattoo designs are so cool ? Well ,cool tribal tattoo designs have intermingling patterns that provide some symbolic meanings. If you want to express your passion for ancient culture and tradition, then cool tribal tattoo designs are a great option. The cool tribal tattoo designs descendants originally wished to express their pride for their rich heritage through these designs. These tattoo designs have complicated knots that have no beginning or end and they represent the love for nature.
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unique tribal wings cross Tattoo design


Magic, healing, and protection.unique tribal wings cross Tattoo design were believed to have magical powers. For example, in some tribes, a boy is assigned a totem animal during his rites of passage. It is believed that the wearer inherits some of the powers of his totem animal by wearing a tattoo of the animal.
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