Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

hobby tattoo designs body art

hobby tattoo designs body art

JAKARTA - Secretly, presenter Tamara Geraldine hobby tattooed body. All the things that impressed him must have poured through the tattoo. However, Tamara reluctant to make a tattoo with a picture of her husband's face. 've Not love ya?

"The problem is my husband's face was a chubby, so not good if contrived a tattoo on my body. I'm a skinny body, rather than not have a bad mending wrote," Tamara said when met at the Function Hall Golf Club Springhill House Residence, Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat, Saturday (12/7/2008).

Tamara has 8 tattoos that decorated his body. All tattoos are made placed in the back left side. For that, the presenter of this skinny has its own reasons.

"Why would I put it here so easily through the heart. Because of all my tattoos have a significant value," said Yuni Shara's friend.

Tamara and her husband claimed to have never protested in the hobby.

"My husband's support wrote, he knew that his wife needed exploration. While my son happy with this tattoo, so it would not have a problem," said the woman who mutually hobby hair color.