Senin, 21 Desember 2009

tattoo designs for men


some many people still think that people in TATTOO design for men tu must have / still be wong sing naughty / evil ..
though not all like this ..
Tp ever da rumors, in the 1980s in Indonesia occurred event "Peter" which is "cleansing" for the people who are considered dangerous (criminal),.
One of the victims are people who are tattooed on his body. So many people who've already been tattooed akhiornya their fears and try to eliminate TATO denagn classic way, ie "in press".
This aq ever dicritain by several senior and former emang bener2 TATO shown that've removed with the corner of the fire / hot iron / iron ..

But .. I think the time is now've changed & people's minds more advanced air, so many people are also present in inguin TATO .. In fact biasane artists (musicians, film stars, athletes) "should" have TATO