Senin, 07 Desember 2009

Technique Used Type Temporary Tattoo Body Art

Temporary Tattoos Stick-on. Stick-on tattoos is one of the most popular techniques in the temporary body art. Simply open the lid on the back of the sticker and stick tattoos on the skin. Another way is to stick to the skin and soaked it in water.

Airbrush tattoos. Airbrush method allows you to create a very artistic patterns and color in your body. Airbrush tattoos are not permanent and painted almost the same method with a method for T-Shirt. Airbrush tattoo stencils are made with the help of tattoos are created by manufacturers. Currently, many techniques developed to create a new look airbrush tattoos.

Henna tattoos. Henna tattoo or mehndi is a smart choice to create temporary body art. Temporary henna tattoos are very popular since ancient time. Pasta is usually found in a cone shape so that the design can be easily painted on the skin. Very safe henna tattoo applied to the skin. Once the tattoo is dry, wash it with water. Henna will leave the color orange on the skin in accordance with the pattern painted.

Many forms of temporary body art above can make you stay stylish without feeling sick. Find yourself the best design best represents your soul.

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